The Witch

“The Witch” was the second song I wrote, but the first one that I released because Halloween was approaching. The lyrics deal with people in our lives that can be controlling. I’ve worked with numerous people that are like this. They tend to get their way, but no one likes them and how controlling they are. We, by our inaction, give them that power. Even though it is using the feminine, this can apply to men as well. This song clocks in at almost nine minutes. This is in part, because of the “psychedelic” soloing done in the middle. This came about by accident. When I was first writing the song, I left it recording and was just freely soloing over the bass, getting a feel for what to do. It ended up that I liked it, and kept it in the song. 🙂


Her heart is black, as a bottle of ink;
The pages she writes, are filth, rot and stink.

Her mind is a den, of vipers that hiss;
spawned from the gloom, of the devil’s abyss

We give her the power
that makes us all sick – she’s the witch

Her lips are red, stained with blood like wine;
She drinks with demons, but thinks she’s divine.

Her eyes are empty, devoid of the light,
her soul’s a cave, that hold’s the darkness tight


She works her magic, through the art of fear;
But If you look deep, There’s nothing’s there.

Stand your ground, and don’t give in;
Don’t let the witch, get under your skin!

© 2013 Robert G. Wilson, Jr.

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