The Crux

About two years ago I got an idea for a song for Good Friday. It was based off of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath”. It was a dud, and I shelved it. Recently I got the itch again. A week ago, I started working on different take. This one combines and element of “Black Sabbath” as well as “God is Dead?”. Yesterday the lyrics and the theme came to me. I wanted to release it today, and have been putting the finishing touches on it. As with these things, either my allergies are getting to me, or I started getting a cold yesterday (yay!) So I had to go with a rough cut for the vocals. And as usual, it is last minute!

I’m including links to a YouTube video (just for audio, no lyrics or animation) as well as Band Camp (high quality download) ReverbNation and Sound Cloud. Enjoy!


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