Warpriest is a one man metal project of artist Robert G. Wilson, Jr. (working as “Death Is Gain”.) I’ve been playing music for over 20 years, and my musical foundation was built on the great riff masters of the 70’s, such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

After spending 17 years away from music, pursuing my design career and focusing on raising a family, I realized that I missed playing the music that I loved. So I dusted off the old axe (known as “Baron Badrick the Black”) and decided to see what I had. Besides sore fingers, it was like I hadn’t stopped playing. In fact, I thought I sounded better. Also, the kids thought I was a rock star. 😉

People will always ask you what style of music you play, and every artist has a difficult time with the answer. I tend to say that mine is “doomed” flavored. I definitely favor the “devils chord” in my playing and tend to write more pessimistic melancholy lyrics. But when I compare my music with the doom music that is out there, sometimes I feel like it is a little different, and may not totally fit in that category for genre nazis. So sometimes I like to keep it simple and say that I just play “Heavy Metal”. Is there really any other kind of music?

Since the beginning, I used to record my music on a 4-track cassette recorder. A lot has changed since then with the digital age. Right now, I am trying to keep it simple: make the best music I can, on the cheap, and keep it sounding as real as possible. \m/

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