I was born into a coven of black art satanist to do one thing: to be the Anti-Beiber! Well, that didn’t entirely work out, as most kids grow up to rebel against their parents, right?

Like most people my age, I came to age at the dawn of MTV and metal acts such as Quiet Riot, Def Leppard and Twisted Sister. For the most part, I was just listening to the music my friends were. Then I can remember when I first got a car at 16 and was able to do what I wanted, discovering Led Zeppelin. I was hooked into classic rock (and the roots of metal). Then when I was around 18, a friend of mine wanted me to play the bass in his band. Nothing ever came out of that, not even a practice, but it whetted my appetite. I always loved holding down the bottom end of the musical realm.

Shortly after that, acts such as “The Cult”, “Guns ‘n Roses” and “Cinderella” were tearing up the airwaves. That was the kind of music I wanted to play!  Interestingly enough, living in South Florida I found it hard to find serious musicians to jam with. Everyone had a vacation kind of mind. In the early 90’s I did play bass in a couple of bands in the local scene but never really did much beyond that.

With these influences, the beginning of my song writing was more hard rock/blues metal oriented, but deep within was a dark side. I can still remember the night I was hanging out with a bunch of friends in their apartment living room, drinking and playing acoustic guitar. I always had a hard time expressing my creative side, and was shy. I had picked up the guitar and started playing a song that I had been working on called “Snake”. It had a descending flatted fifth (devils chord) type riff with dark brooding lyrics about a snake slithering through a room. I couldn’t sing that high, so my voice was deep and followed along with the riff. The room got quiet, and when I was done everyone just stared. One of my friends laughed and said, “Whoa! That was some heavy stuff dude!” Later on, I discovered bands like “Black Sabbath” & “Danzig”, and realized that there were people doing stuff like this already. For a while I never wrote anything else like that. Years down the road I was in car full of different friends, and popped in a cassette of a song I had 4-tracked called “I Don’t Want to Go Outside”. It was another depressing styled song that was about being too negative to venture out of the house. The reaction was similar: weird stares and laughter. I kept those kinds of songs to myself. 😉 Soon after that Grunge hit the scene, and unlike most metal heads, I welcomed it. I was tiring of the whole hair metal scene and had already been listening to Soundgarden , digging their flavor of music. This started moving me away from the regular power chords and getting me into the deeper flatted fifth riffs that I really enjoyed. Ironically, I knew nothing of bands such as “Trouble” “Pentagram” & “Kyuss” that were on the scene at the time. With the advent of the internet, I was able to start finding more bands that I had never encountered previously. And newer bands, such as the “Sword”, “Orchid” & “Witch Mountain”. After years of tinkering away on a dusty old acoustic, and yearning to get back to writing songs I liked, I dusted off the old axe fired up GarageBand and started seeing what damage I could do. I hope you enjoy it.

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